Veteran Warriors Announces New Media Director


National Media Director

Colonel Quentin “Dwayne” Collins


Veteran Warriors, Inc. is privileged to announce the addition of Colonel Quentin “Dwayne” Collins, USA, (Ret.) to our leadership team and who will be transitioning into the role of National Media Director, effective immediately.

Colonel Collins brings an unparalleled career that spans over 35 years in leadership, public relations, the non-profit sector and military positions. His significant knowledge-base is extensive, insightful and has been integral in many high-profile positions over his career.

We are honored to have him as part of the team and are excited about the path we are now jointly on!

Welcome Aboard Colonel Collins!

Veteran Warriors Announces New Senior Legislative Adviser


Senior Legislative Adviser

James "Pitch" Pitchford

Veteran Warriors recently named James Pitchford, senior advisor on legislative affairs. James will assist Veteran Warriors in socializing the devastating impact of toxic exposure and toxic wounds on troops and veterans who served in post-9/11 conflicts; and the effects these wounds have on their families and the communities in which they live. 

James brings 33 plus years of public service to the efforts of Veteran Warriors acquired by serving with three military service components over a 24 -military career coupled with 9 plus years of service as a senior legislative and military affairs aid for U.S. senator Christopher S. Bond, R-MO. James’ service in the senate occurred in the time frame 1999 – 2008 spanning the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent conflicts expanding into Afghanistan and Iraq. James’ duties included management of the U.S. senate National Guard Caucus which at the height of the post-9/11 conflicts included support for 50% of the combat forces consisting of National Guard and Reserve personnel. 

James began his career in the U.S. Marine Corps, transferred to the Air National Guard serving on active duty in Wisconsin, and ended his career in the U.S. Navy Reserve with active duty tours in all three components. His experiences in multiple military services provided an appreciation for the contributions of all service personnel (and military occupational specialties) and their families. 

It has been an honor to serve in the Marine Corps, Air National Guard, Navy and U.S. senate and it is apparent that one’s service does not necessarily end when issued a DD form 214 designating release from active duty and subsequent retirement. The attacks of 9/11 changed all our lives in America. The subsequent commitment of young American’s responding to military needs overseas was, and remains, admirable. But as it becomes clearer that our troops and veterans are adversely affected by toxic wounds it is equally incumbent upon those of us still blessed with good health to help those less fortunate. I’m honored to help Lauren and Jim Price, founders of Veteran Warriors, and their supporters in the fight to ensure the government that eagerly recruited and sent our young troops into conflicts overseas is just as committed to helping them recover from the toxic wounds incurred as a result of their service. We owe the troops, veterans and families impacted the support they need to carry on.”

In his role James will assist Veteran Warriors in communicating the needs of the wounded and their families with elected members of local, state and federal governments so that the communities in which they reside can continue to benefit from the riches they contributed to the freedoms all American’s enjoy.