The Termination of VA Secretary David Shulkin



RE: The Termination of VA Secretary David Shulkin
(Gainesville, FL)

Veterans are this nation’s most valuable human resource. As an all-volunteer force we have defended this nation’s interests and those of our allies for decades. Each member serves at their own will; but does so with the belief that should they suffer injuries during that service, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will be there to help them reintegrate back into civilian life.

For more than a decade, the VA has had great difficulty in meeting that promise. There have been numerous scandals and failures; each one damaging the faith that service members and veterans have in their government to stand by them after the battle.

Each administration has promised reforms and changes in order to better serve veterans; yet each has fallen drastically short of those lofty goals. This has served to only pass those deficiencies along to the next administration; leaving the VA’s only customer still waiting and hoping for a better VA.

Today, President Trump took a massive step forward in fulfilling his promise to veterans; by making the difficult decision to choose new leadership for the VA. One who will meet those lofty goals and exceed them; restoring that faith that veterans’ have in their government.

While many do not agree with the President’s decision; Veteran Warriors is proud to stand with the President in his decision and see this as yet one more promise he is going to force those around him, to keep.

We are excited and remain devoted to our only mission; one which it is now apparent that the President shares, to #OverhaulTheVA.