Iraq War Fund – Anti-Terrorism Lawsuit


(Gainesville, FL)

“To date, nine foreign banks have admitted to entering into criminal conspiracies with Iran to provide it with billions of dollars in violation of U.S. and international laws—all while knowing Iran was a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” and a leading source of American injuries and casualties in the Iraq War.

Iran needed hard cash — U.S. dollars — to pay bounties to terrorists attacking civilians and U.S. and coalition forces as well as recruiting, training, arming, commanding and funding Shia and Sunni terrorist organizations engaged in murdering U.S. Soldiers and Citizen-contractors in Iraq.

The banks’ conspiracy with Iran facilitated the attacks responsible for the majority of U.S. casualties in Iraq between 2003 and 2011, killing and grievously wounding tens of thousands of Americans.”

There are six (6) firms in total working on this case, headed by MM~Law LLC.

Gavriel Mairone is the founder of MM~LAW LLC, a law firm dedicated exclusively to advancing private human rights law by representation of victims of terrorism, crimes against humanity genocide, torture and human trafficking in private, mass-tort lawsuits to impose accountability upon the financiers, profiteers and aiders and abettors of the perpetrators of such crimes. MM~LAW particularly focuses on confronting the international financial and support infrastructure aiding and abetting the various terrorist organizations connected with global jihad.

Jeff Lucas of Lucas and Magazine is a veteran himself and has a long, honorable track record of providing assistance to veterans of our nation. Now he and his partner, James Magazine are moving to the world stage with their fight for all of us. We have worked with Jeff and Jim for eight (8) years in veterans’ advocacy. We can attest to their commitment and dedication to making sure that those liable for the losses we have suffered are held accountable.

When we were contacted by Jeff Lucas and asked to help find victims of the war on terror; we immediately agreed to help. Sounds simple right??! Not really. To date, there are over 6,900 Killed in Action or as a result of combat action. There are roughly 1 million veterans of the “War on Terror” who have filed claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs; for injuries sustained during their service. Not all are combat related. We do know that the VA’s last publicized information was over 500,000 were considered “catastrophically wounded”. That moniker implies loss of limb(s), eye(s), severe traumatic brain injury or blast victim. These are just examples and not an inclusive list.

( ) For more information on the main case; you can review it at this website.

Veteran Warriors urges ALL who lost a loved one or one suffered a catastrophic injury to at least discuss your case with Jeff or Jim at Lucas and Magazine.…/iraq-war-compensation-fund/